Darling I Love You (GUITAR CHORDS) by Andrew Jackson Jihad

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        C       C
        F       F       G       G

I like telling dirty jokes,..

and I like smoking crystal meth,..

   F       G         C
but darling I love you!

And I like laughing at retards,..

and I like throwing rocks at dogs,..

   F       G         C
but darling I love you!

F                   E
I love you like the moon and stars,..

    C               F
when little kids get hit by cars,..

F        G        C
girl you know its true!

F        G         C
Darling,.. I love you!
*play the intro again here*

I've been tryin' to move on,..

since you left,.. since you've been gone,..

   F      G         C
but its so hard on me!

Talked to a girl in first hour,..

bought her a cd,.. bought her a flower,..

   F       G      C
but she's a stupid cunt!

   F            E
But I'll take anything,..

   C            F
and I'll take anyone!

    F             E
I'll take an angry lesbian

C             F
with a loaded gun!

    F                 E
I'll take a whore with syphilis

   C         F
and gonorrhea too!

   F        G      C
But darling,.. I love you!

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