Junk Food Chimney (GUITAR CHORDS) by Ezra Bell

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           Am         F     C
I could be happy if I died today

          Am             F      C
If I go on living,.. I will try do same

                  Am           F          C
And all of our old quarrels may swing down soon

                         Am           F         C
They are calling from the rafters,.. our clarity a fluke

         Am            F             C
But for now,.. let's make love with the lights on

                  Am             F             C
And I won't wonder where you have been nor with whom

                    Am             F                C
The pictures of your saints hanging crooked from the drywall

               Am              F        C
The body of the goddess in your thin red shoes

             Am                 F               C
And none need understand all the reasons we have come here

                    Am               F          C
But as the days grow shorter they may have their say

              Am               F          C
Look me in the eyes before they do,.. little darling

          Am         F     C
I would be happy if I died today

How accurate is this chords?