Powerplant (GUITAR CHORDS) by Andrew Jackson Jihad

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C    F    C    G
C    F    C    G

C                     F                  C               G
The drugs you do were made by people who think in dollar signs,..

   C              F            C                            G          C     Em        C     F    C    G
and thats not very punk of you,.. maybe you should change your mind,.. reconsider the whole deal!

C    F    C    G

   C                F         C            G
And maybe we like to criticize more than we construct,..

   C                F        C                       G
and maybe that's not healthy,.. maybe that's just plain fucked up,..

      C           Em               C    F
but at least we're saying something,..

     C         Em                  C    F
and I hope that no one is listening,..

       C       Em                  C    F
because this is kind of embarrassing,..

   C                     Em                       C    F    C    G
and everyone who hears it thinks that we're joking!

C    F    C   G

   C                    F                C                    G
And maybe we weren't put on this earth to rape and pillage and ravage,..

       C           F              C           G
because god created puppy dogs and god created kittens,..

       C     Em                  C     F
and our love creates a power plant

    C   Em               C     F
that generates this world,..

   C     Em      C    F
and if we stop now

          C        Em                 C    F    C    G
then we'll just disappear into oblivion!

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