Slow Southern Home (GUITAR CHORDS) by Doug Burr

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[Verse 1]~
     C           G
I lay awake for a night

           F                  Am G
Drenched in anguish and bright light

        F                C
I dreamt about an ancient house

     G             C
And a slow Southern home

[Verse 2]~
     C                  G
I was there,.. and so were you

     F                      Am G
Not a word was spoke,.. nothing new

      F            C
It was old,.. all was known

      G            C
Like a sheep to the fold

[Verse 3]~
           C              G
A blind man sang,.. bells of joy

       F                     Am G
I was a stranger,.. but still a boy

          F                   C
My parents dead,.. the vines had grown

          G             C
Through my slow Southern home

[Verse 4]~
        C              G
In those eyes,.. I had no name

             F                 Am G
They had seen fear,.. and all was vain

        F          C
Bells of joy he did sing

             G                 C
His noise did ring and ring and ring

[Verse 5]~
   C                  G
And everyone must come back

               F                      Am G
The flames have risen,.. the plumes were black

             F                C
And if you're welcomed home by friends

        G                C
It won't ever be the same again

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