Rust And Bone (CHORDS) by Family and Friends

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Am  C  F  C  G

[VERSE 1]~
Am                    C
Leave me where you found me

       F                     C                   G
With the arms of the darkness surrounding,.. around me

Am               C            F
Throw dirt in my eyes and try convincing me

C          G
My love is blind

Am                F             C              G
I lost you in the rubble like a diamond to the rough

Am                    F                C                 G
Or a face beneath the stubble when the times are tending tough

          Am C F G             Am C F G
I’m giving up,.. on giving up

[VERSE 2]~
Am             C      F                    C         G
Here we lay to rest a younger man than the one I now am

Am                C                 F             C          G
I now am half the one he was when I smothered him beneath my skin

Am              F                  C                G
Curse my fickle heart,.. my stubborn ways,.. my foolish pride

Am                        F                                C             G
Wondering if ever there a better way to live or least some better way to die

            Am        C      G          F
Today is the first day of the rest of my life

            Am        C      G          F
Today is the first day of the rest of my life

                   Am C F C G
I’m learning how to die

[VERSE 3]~
        Am              C                 F        C              G
I set my sails for safer waters,.. I left my love for higher ground,.. don’t look down

    Am            C                         F
I am watching from above,.. you sinking like a stone

     C          G
I let you drown,.. I let you drown

Am                  F              C         G
Down on luck like a sinner feeling sorry for myself

Am                   F                     C                 G
Preacher man says if I’ll be damned you're going straight to hell

    Am             C   G    F
Your god don't love you anymore

             Am       C  G   F
My god,.. don’t you love me anymore

    Am      C       G          F
I am feeling I’m not where I am going

    Am      C       G          F
I am feeling I’m not where I am going

    Am      C       G          F
I am feeling I’m not where I am going

  Am   C             G    F
Or what I am going to become

[VERSE 4]~
          Am            C                             F                   C              G
The air is static in the attic where the ghosts of our past live,.. they are rust and bone,.. rust and bone

       Am                  C                       F                 C           G
I still think of you out of habit like some kind of madness,.. but I am letting go,.. I’m letting go

         Am                  C                  F                    C           G
Of all my reasons for fear of failure,.. my demons beneath me screaming let me out,.. let me out

       Am                 C                            F               C             G
But I’m buried beneath the covers with the ghosts of my lovers thinking never or now,.. never or now

   Am              F                     C            G
I’m losing sleep,.. I lost you once,.. I wont lose you now again

    Am                       F                        C                       G
I’ll scream and shout till my lungs give out,.. till the blood runs cold beneath the skin

          Am  C  G  F
Forever my love

          Am  C  G  F
Forever my love

          Am  C  G  F
Forever my love

          Am  C  G  F
Forever my friend

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