Brittle Boned (CHORDS) by Julien Baker

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C Dm Am F

[Verse 1]~
   C            Dm
The low electric glow

static snows in the

    F      C     Dm
lobby Dull TV magazines

waiting rooms can't hide

F            C
me From the sting paper

Dm          Am             F
sheets bloodwork and the IV

       C          Dm
And the whirring machines

         Am         F
while the nurses reassure me

This will be quick

   C   F Am
and easy I'm not

     C      F
gonna feel a thing

Lie and say it'll

C         F
be alright like a

Am   C         F
stray falling asleep

Cause I'm so good

  C       F     Am C F
at hurting myself

[Verse 2]~
        C   Dm
Pulse is slow

faint metronome

on my left side

beneath my protruding

Dm           Am
spine You can hardly

hear at night White

C             Dm Am
flag blindfold covering

my sunken eyes And a

C         Dm   Am
line of rifles aimed

at my sick mind

Am C F
Am C F
Am C F
Am C F

Cause I'm so good

  C             F Am C F
at hurting myself

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