Cloud (CHORDS) by Basement

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D A Bm G
D A Bm G

D     Em            Bm
I was standing on a cloud

G         D
Hoping to fall down

   Em                Bm
And land beneath your feet

   G           D
For you to walk on me

   Em               Bm
And follow close the line

With each step across my spine

  Em         Bm
So I can take the pain

To help me breathe

D  Bm

G              D
Lift me if you can

A    Bm
Hold me

  G             Em   D
In the centre of your hand

A    Bm
Show me

       G             D
What it means to be a man

A  Bm

G                  Em G
Close your fingers down now

How accurate is this chords?