Destroyer (CHORDS) by Dead Man Winter

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G  C  D
G  C  D
G  C  D
G  C  D

       G                 C             D
Little paper,.. where you write down your

     G              C          D
disappointments In a drawer right by your pillow,..

G     C     D         G  C  D
all I can do is watch

       G             C           D
Little children,.. more beautiful than

G         C     D
heaven They run around

  G            C            D         G  C  D
together,.. while I just curl up and cough

                 G                   C           D
There were the oak trees and they were older than I remember

G            C        D
They are changing with the

  G        C      D         G  C  D
seasons and I will do the same

          G            C         D
Yeah it’s over and it hurts like hell to

G               C         D
say it But I'm churning under

G            C       D       G  C  D
water,.. what a peaceful way to go

               G               C          D
And all of the boxes,.. that are filled with my

    G              C           D
possessions On the truck that I have

G          C         D           G  C  D
hired,.. it’s outside beneath the snow

C                            G    D
I thought I’d get up and go,..

C                         G      D
before anyone would know

        G            C      D
I'm a disaster,.. I am fading from your

G              C        D
young life I'm growing pale and

G               C    D       G  C  D
ghost white,.. with X’s on my eyes

       G             C      D
I’m a Destroyer,.. I’m burning in the

  G              C      D
starlight All I wanted then was to

G              C         D       G  C  D
die,.. but you would not let me go

G  C  D
G  C  D
G  C  D
G  C  D

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