History (CHORDS) by Ryan and lloyd

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[Verse 1]~
Am           G                 F        E
Seen all the signs yes I've seen em before!

Am          G         F             E
Half of the world Is preparing for war!

Am           G         F       E
How will the holocaust benefit me..?

Am            G           F          E
Destroying he world isn't setting me free!

F                            Am
I know,.. I know this from history

[Verse 2]~
Am          G          F           E
Who is your leader say who is your chief..?

Am              G             F        E
The sight of him brings you a sense of release!

Am            G          F         E
To follow him blindly is your soul belief!

Am            G            F        E
Illusions of grandeur are all you achieve!

F                             Am   Am  G  F  Am
I know,.. I know this from history!
I know,.. I know this from history!

[Verse 3]~
Am              G             F             E
Who's are those misilles that light up the skies..?

Am              G             F         E
Who's are those misilles that take away life..?

Am               G          F               E
And who feels so proud when equipped with a gun..?

Am           G            F              E
And how many mothers will weep for thier sons..?

F                   Am
And ask you who has won..?

[Verse 4]~
Am          G                F          E
Who lets it go till there's no compromise..?

Am           G            F        E
Who's stays behind as the ordinary die..?

Am                G       F                E
And who says that he said he's better than me..?

Am          G               F        E
This is how ill know I will never be free!

F                               Am          Am G F Am
Oh how I know,.. I know this from history!
Oh how I know,.. I know this from history!

How accurate is this chords?