One Last Look At The View (CHORDS) by Will Varley

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C Am G C

[Verse 1]~
        C            Am   G          C
From the first to the last shadows we cast

        Am           G       C
Are they lost for the rest of time..?

      C    Am            G            C
On the 17th floor,.. with a note on the door

   Am            G       C
She proceeded to lose her mind

Am          Em
I still go up walking

      Am          Em
To the top of that mountain

F                           G
Look up at to where we once flew

C           F
I hope that someday

     C          F
There might be a way to get

C        G           C
One last look at the view

Am G C

[Verse 2]~
     C             Am             G         C
These dreams in our heads are they ever seen again

Am         G                C
After they pass through our minds

        C        Am          G        C
I fessed up to my sins at the premiere inn

    Am          G C
Just outside the M25

            Am              Em
You know the storm’s getting rough

            Am      Em
If you could see far enough

         F                      G
You’d see sunshine just breaking through

  C        F
So before I die

    C      F
I’d like to try and get

C        G           C
One last look at the view

Am G C

      F        Am          G
I take one last look at the view

F         Am      G
One more day with you

         C             F
Where the rainbow comes down

       C              F
In that quiet peaceful town

          C        G          C
I'll take one last look at the view

Am G C

[Verse 3]~
     C           Am    G             C
That love that we know,.. where does it go

Am   G       C
After we are gone

      C            Am           G          C
Put my hands on the glass as the train rode past

   Am            G          C
And remembered my whole life all at once

     Am             Em
And I can’t help but wonder

  Am             Em
If hidden in the thunder

F              G
Is some kind of tune

          C          F
I know I’m too old to climb

     C              F
And I sleep half the time

          C            G           C
I'd still like one last look at the view

Am G C

[Verse 4]~
        C           Am        G               C
From the last to the first how long will these words

Am       G    C
Haunt me as I sleep

       C             Am   G         C
Oh that song that she sung when were young

       Am      G       C
And we all fall at her feet

      Am            Em
In the room where we stand

   Am           Em
Was once a young man

    F                    G
With all of this still to do

      C          F
If the weather’s alright

C              F
Wouldn't it be

      C        G           C
To get one last look at the view

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