Indonesia (CHORDS) by The Mountain Goats

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[Verse 1]~
E                          C
The summer came in carrying spring in its mouth,..!!

A                             E
Held it up for everyone to see

E                                C                 A
This is the time when all of our plans and schemes melt down into listless

B        G                   C
anarchy,..!! historically anyway that's been the case

C                               A         B
But this year there's a new pink sheen on your face

        E                    D                                        A
Like the color of a secret flower that grows tall and moist and incorruptible

  E   D          E
In Indonesia,..!! Indonesia

[Verse 2]~
E                                  C
The season tunneled forward like a moth through grain

A                               E
Its hunger was an all consuming mindless thing

E                          C
And you slept for 12 to 14 hours in a stretch

A                                  B
I wondered what the weather in the fall was going to bring

And then you said you dreamt of cowboys

That were zombies in disguise

Well I knew fall was never coming,..!!

It was written on your eyes

        E                       D
Like the mist hangs there in the air

D                                           A
On the mountainside where rare and nameless flowers grow

  E   D          E
In Indonesia,..!! Indonesia!

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