Latchkey Kid (CHORDS) by John Moreland

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G  C   G  C

[Verse 1]~
G                          C                                                G
Well tonight the stars are screaming; I’ve long been learning how to let it go

G                         C                                      G
I got these old forgotten feelings; Looking back on how I got so low

         C                 G         Am
Sometimes life plays like a series of exams

            C                   G                  Am
And you need someone to wash the bad blood off your hands

           C            G                 Am
Well you’ll always be my favorite latchkey kid

   C            G               C            G          C
I’m sorry that I hurt you like I did

[Verse 2]~
G                                  C                                      G
There’s something wrong,..!! something missing; Something I’ve seen inside my friends

   G                           C                                       G
And Lord,..!! It’s hard to have the vision; Standing at the darkest of dead ends

         C               G              Am
Won’t you tell me how the story goes and goes

        C                   G               Am
When I’m too lost to tell my temples from my toes

         C            G             Am
Lord I’ve got too many pages left to turn

  C              G                   C
To sit and wonder why that book won’t burn

G      C   G   C

[Verse 3]~
G                        C                                        G
So here I stand,..!! right before you; Waiting for my turn to tow the line

G                       C                                                 G
Don’t let me die in California; While I’m dragging all these rivers in my mind

          C                 G              Am
Cause I’ve found a love that shines into my core

           C                G               Am
And I don’t feel the need to prove myself no more

          C             G             Am
And when I look into the mirror,..!! now I see

C           G                 C
A man I never knew that I could be

G  C  G C G

How accurate is this chords?